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Partner logos - Pal Screen Labs and City Screen - The Picturehouse Cinemas
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The Metropolitan Film School has been founded in partnership with City Screen (owners of the Picturehouse cinema group) and PAL Screen Labs. The course From Script to Screen in Seven Weeks has been developed in partnership with the National Film and Television School.

National Film and Television School logo

Title - About The National Film and Television School
The National Film and Television School is one of world’s leading centres for professional training in film, television and related media. It offers fulltime MA, diploma and project development programmes, a wide range of short courses for industry professionals, as well as training in post-production effects and computer-based animation. Founded in 1973, the school is funded through a unique partnership of both government and industry.

PAL Screen Labs logo

Title - About City Screen
City Screen owns and operates numerous independent cinemas in London and university towns throughout the UK, including the Picturehouse cinema group. City Screen cinemas exhibit a diverse programme of world film in comfortable surroundings using the latest sound and projection technologies. One of the core objectives of the company is to increase audiences for specialised film.

PAL Screen Labs logo

Title - About PAL Screen Labs
PAL Screen Labs have identified and developed talented filmmakers in Britain for over a decade. PAL writers are playwrights, screenwriters, novelists and poets who work with internationally acclaimed and adventurous directors and producers. With alumni that include Asif Kapadia (writer/director; The Warrior, 2001), Simon Beaufoy (writer; The Full Monty, 1997), Lee Hall (writer; Billy Elliot, 2000), John Hodge (writer; Shallow Grave, 1994) and Paul Laverty (writer; Sweet Sixteen, 2002), PAL brings exceptional film industry talent and practice to the Metropolitan Film School.