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Make a Movie in a Day! - building relationships with your clients and your staff

“Everyone claps…there’s a great sense of achievement.”
Excerpt from Sunday Telegraph review, July 2003

This one-day event from the Metropolitan Film School is a quite unique and memorable experience, whether you are seeking to build relationships with your clients or among your staff.

Up to 5 teams of 4 people each work on a tight schedule to direct, shoot and edit a scene from a short black comedy (with real actors) within a day. The scenes are then stitched together and the whole film is screened – to much laughter and applause – during a celebratory dinner. Prizes for Best Film, Best Direction, Best Sound and Best Editing and Greatest Gaffe are given out.

“I’ve been on a large number of team-building and client relationship-building days and I can say without reservation that Make a Movie in a Day! is the best I’ve experienced – I felt as if I’d known my team for years at the end of it.”
Adam, investment banker

“Exchanging roles during the critical filming phase is a subtle learning and team-building experience: the ‘boss’ is holding the boom and the ‘new guy’ is directing…but the boom is drooping. Tone and professional behaviour come to the fore. A great day out for the troops.”
Anthony, sports marketing consultant

You select the day and date, either the weekend or midweek. The event is usually held in a comfortable art house cinema in London; however it can be delivered at other locations across the UK. It will always be customised for your organization, to include a specially-branded DVD of the final film which will be given to each attendee.

Note that small groups or individuals can also be accommodated on our regular scheduled days.

For more details please contact Rif on +44 (0)845 658 4400 or Rif will discuss your requirements in detail and then put forward a proposal that is tailored for your needs.